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Markets vs. Mechanisms
(11 May 2018)
Raphael Boleslavsky
Christopher Hennessy
David L. Kelly
An Imperfect Storm: Fat-Tailed Hurricane Damages, Insurance, and Climate Policy
Accepted at Journal of Environmental Economics and Management
(17 August 2016)
Marc Conte
David L. Kelly
Subsidies to Industry and the Environment
(31 August 2006) / (1 August 2007)
David L. Kelly
Unit Roots in the Climate: Is the Recent Warming Due to Persistent Shocks?
(April 2000)
David L. Kelly
Training Expectations With Least Squares Learning in Non-linear Self-Referential Models
(9 November 1992  /  1 December 1995)
David L. Kelly
Learning About Climate Sensitivity From the Instrumental Temperature Record 
(Draft:  July 1998)
David L. Kelly
Charles D. Kolstad
Michael Schlesinger
Natalia G. Andronova
Valuing and Hedging American Put Options Using Neural Networks
(24 September 1993  /  15 December 1994)
David L. Kelly