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Probabilistic Stabilization Targets
Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, 4(2):611-57 (June 2017).
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Luke Fitzpatrick
David L. Kelly
Selloffs, Bailouts, and Feedback: Can Asset Markets Inform Policy?
Journal of Economic Theory,169:294-343 (May 2017)
Ralph Boleslavsky
David L. Kelly
Curtis R. Taylor
Opportunities for Advances in Climate Change Economics
Science , 352(6283):292-293 (15 April 2016).
M. Burke, M. Craxton, C. D. Kolstad, C. Onda, H. Allcott, E. Baker, L. Barrage, R. Carson, K. Gillingham, J. Graff-Zivin, M. Greenstone, S. Hallegatte, W. M. Hanemann, G. Heal, S Hsiang, B. Jones, David L. Kelly, R. Kopp, M. Kotchen, R. Mendelsohn, K. Meng, G. Metcalf, J. Moreno-Cruz, R. Pindyck, S. Rose, I. Rudik, J. Stock, R. S. J. Tol
Incidence and Environmental Effects of Distortionary Subsidies
Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, 3(2):361-415 (June 2016).
Garth Heutel
David L. Kelly
Learning and Climate Feedbacks: Optimal Climate Insurance and Fat Tails
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 72:98-122 (2015).
Zhuo Tan
David L. Kelly
Dynamic Regulation Design Without Payments: The Importance of Timing
Journal of Public Economics, 120:169-190 (December 2014).
Ralph Boleslavsky
David L. Kelly
Optimal Second Best Taxation of Addictive Goods in Dynamic General Equilibrium: A Revenue Raising Perspective
B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics (Advances), 14(1):75-118 (2014).
Luca Bossi
Pere Gomis-Porqueras
David L. Kelly
Trade and the Environment with Pre-existing Subsidies: A Dynamic General Equilibrium Analysis,
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 64(2):253-78
(6 February 2012).
Claustre Bajona
David L. Kelly
Evolution of Subjective Hurricane Risk Perceptions: A Bayesian Approach,
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 81(2):644-63 (2012).
David L. Kelly
David Letson
Forrest D. Nelson
David Nolan
Daniel Solis
Economic Growth and the Environment: Theory and Facts,
Resource and Energy Economics , 30:115-49 (2008).
David L. Kelly
Sherry Bartz
Liquidity and Liquidation,
Economic Theory, 31(3):553-572 (2007).
David L. Kelly
Stephen F. LeRoy
Adjustment Costs From Environmental Change,
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 50(3):468-495 (November, 2005).
Data Appendix
October 2004

David L. Kelly
Charles D. Kolstad
Glenn T. Mitchell
Price and Quantity Regulation in General Equilibrium ,
Journal of Economic Theory , 125(1):36-60 (2005).
David L. Kelly
Liquidity and Fire Sales,
in Jon Faust, Athanasios Orphanides and David Reifschneider, eds., Models and Monetary Policy:
Research in Tradition of Dale Henderson, Richard Porter, and Peter Tinsley,
Board of Governors
of the Federal Reserve System, pp. 249-270 (2005).
David L. Kelly and
Stephen F. LeRoy
Private Information and High Frequency Stochastic Volatility,
Studies in Non-Linear Dynamics and Econometrics, 8(1):1-28 (March 2004)
David L. Kelly and
Douglas G. Steigerwald
On Environmental Kuznets Curves Arising From Stock Externalities,
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 27(8):1367-90 (2003)  
(June 2000   /  January 2002)
David L. Kelly
Stability of Functional Rational Expectations Equilibria
Journal of Economic Theory, 95(2):215-250 (December, 2000).  
David L. Kelly
Jamsheed Shorish
Solving Infinite Horizon Growth Models With an Environmental Sector
Computational Economics, 18:217-235 (2001).  
David L. Kelly
Charles D. Kolstad
Malthus and Climate Change: Betting on a Stable Population
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management , 41:135-161 (2001).  
David L. Kelly
Charles D. Kolstad
Bayesian Learning, Growth, and Pollution
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 23(4):491-518 (February, 1999).
David L. Kelly
Charles D. Kolstad
Endogenous Strategic Business Cycles
Journal of Economic Theory, 81(1):97-125 (July, 1998).
Aditya Goenka
David L. Kelly
Stephen E. Spear
Integrated Assessment Models for Climate Change Control
In: Henk Folmer and Tom Tietenberg, Editors
International Yearbook of Environmental and Resource Economics 1999/2000: A Survey of Current Issues
Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar, 1999.
David L. Kelly
Charles D. Kolstad
The Climate Change Footprint: Will We See it Before it is Upon Us? (with Charles D. Kolstad). In Nakicenovic, N., W.D. Nordhaus, R. Richels, F.L. Toth (eds.), 1996. Climate Change: Integrating Science, Economics, and Policy, WP-96-135, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Laxenburg, Austria.

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