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SIMPL Demo Distribution for GNU/Linux

Thank you for your interest in SIMPL. To learn more about it, take a look at our paper:

Tallys Yunes, Ionut D. Aron, and John N. Hooker, An Integrated Solver for Optimization Problems, Operations Research 58(2), 342-356, 2010 (includes e-companion).

To allow interested readers to replicate our computational results, we provide a demo version of SIMPL below that includes all problem instances used in our experiments. The code and binaries are released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Source Code

First download and unpack the file simpl-demo-src-0.08.22.tgz, and then read the file named README.TXT that is part of the distribution.

Pre-Compiled Binaries

Please read the file README-BIN.TXT first; it contains important information and installation instructions. Then, download and unpack the file simpl-demo-0.08.22.tgz.


Tallys Yunes