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Success Stories in Integrated Optimization

What Is This List About?
It is a collection of references to papers about optimization problems that are better solved by a combination of optimization techniques, rather than using any particular technique in isolation.

Why Create This List?
People often ask me what makes a problem more suitable for a hybrid/integrated approach. Although I think this question still does not have a good general answer, there are many examples illustrating the power of integration. As our experience grows and we collect a larger body of empirical evidence, we will improve our understanding of the underlying problem characteristics that favor an integrated approach. This is one of the ultimate goals of my research.

What Kinds Of Papers Appear In This List?
I am trying to group together papers that address problems for which integrated approaches deliver significant improvements in terms of development effort, solution time, resource requirements (e.g. memory), and so on.

Why Is XYZ's Paper Not In This List?
I am trying to keep this list updated, and as complete as possible, to the best of my knowledge and time availability. I know that many relevant papers are not listed below. If you know a paper that should be included here, please let me know and I will be happy to add it to the list.

Credits: The first version of this list was based on a table compiled by John N. Hooker in 2005.

Papers are divided into categories, depending on the type of integration, and are listed chronologically and sorted alphabetically by first author's last name within a year.

Loose Integration of CP and MILP

CP + MILP-style Relaxations

CP-based Branch-and-Price

Integration of CP and MILP in Benders Decomposition


Tallys Yunes