Stefanos Delikouras


  1. A single-factor consumption-based asset pricing model, with Alexandros Kostakis,                                                                                             Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Forthcoming, Online Appendix   
  2. Where's the kink? Disappointment events in consumption growth and equilibrium asset prices                                                                              Review of Financial Studies, 30(8), 2017, pp. 2851 - 89, Online Appendix
  3. The human capital that matters: Expected returns and high-income households, with Sean Campbell, Danling Jiang,                                            and George Korniotis, Review of Financial Studies, 29(9), 2016, pp. 2523 - 63, Online Appendix
  4. Backorder cost coefficient "b", what could it be? with George Liberopoulos and Isidoros Tsikis,                                                                      International Journal of Production Economics, 123(1), 2010, pp. 166 - 78

Submitted Papers

  1. Income hedging, dynamic style preferences, and return predictability, with Jawad Addoum, George Korniotis, and Alok Kumar                            (Conditional Acceptance)
  2. Consumption-income sensitivity and portfolio choice, with Jawad Addoum and George Korniotis                                                                                 (1sr round RR)       
  3. Under-reaction to political information and momentum in stock prices, with Jawad Addoum, Da Ke, and Alok Kumar                                           (1st round RR)
  4. Geography of firms and propagation of local economic shocks, with Gennaro Bernile, George Korniotis, and Alok Kumar                               (presented at the 2016 WFA Meetings) 

Working Papers

  1. Do dollar-denominated emerging market corporate bonds insure foreign exchange risk? with with Robert Dittmar and Haitao Li                           (presented at the 2013 WFA and EFA Meetings and 2016 AFA Meetings)
  2. Does the investment-based model explain expected returns? Evidence from Euler equations, with Robert Dittmar
  3. Why corporate bonds may disappoint: Disappointment aversion and the credit spread puzzle

Work In Progress  

  1. Local agglomeration and stock market participation, with Jawad Addoum, Da Ke, and George Korniotis
  2. Disappointment aversion preferences and the expectation hypothesis in bond and currency markets
  3. Recovering the price of intangible assets: A general equilibrium approach
  4. Consuming, saving, and spending most of income, with George Korniotis
  5. Missing the forest: Asset pricing implications of networks in Lucas-tree economies