Christos Zacharias is an Assistant Professor of Management Science at the University of Miami Herbert Business School. He received his PhD in Operations Management from Stern School of Business at New York University, and his BSc in Mathematics from the University of Athens. His research focuses on designing and optimizing service operations, with an emphasis on healthcare delivery. Broader areas of expertise include Stochastic Modeling, Applied Probability, Discrete Optimization, Dynamic Programming.


Available here.

Selected Working Papers

  • Impact of Telehealth on Appointment Adherence and Implications in Outpatient Scheduling, with H. Gitlow and M. Kamalahmadi. Under review.

  • Convexity in Transient Queues and Implications on Dynamic Appointment Scheduling. Manuscript available upon request.


  • Zacharias, C., N. Liu and M.A. Begen. 2022. Dynamic Inter-day and Intra-day Scheduling. Operations Research forthcoming. (available here)
    video presentation

  • Zacharias, C. and T. Yunes. 2020. Multimodularity in the Stochastic Appointment Scheduling Problem with Discrete Arrival Epochs. Management Science 66(2) 744-763. (available here)
    Runner-up, ''2018 College of Healthcare Operations Management Best Paper Competition''.
    3-minute YouTube video available here.

  • Zacharias, C. and M. Armony. 2017. Joint Panel Sizing and Appointment Scheduling in Outpatient Care. Management Science 63(11) 3978–3997. (available here)

  • Zacharias, C. and M. Pinedo. 2017. Managing Customer Arrivals in Service Systems with Multiple Identical Servers. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management 19(4) 639-656. (available here)
    First prize, ``2014 INFORMS Service Science Section Best Paper Award''.

  • Zacharias, C. and M. Pinedo. 2014. Appointment Scheduling with No-Shows and Overbooking. Production and Operations Management 23(5) 788-801. (available here)

  • Pelechrinis, K., C. Zacharias, M. Kokkodis and T. Lappas. 2017. Economic Impact and Policy Implications from Urban Shared Transportation: The Case of Pittsburgh’s Shared Bike System. PLoS ONE 12(8) e0184092. (available here)

  • Pinedo, M., C. Zacharias and N. Zhu. 2015. Scheduling in the Service Industries: An Overview. Journal of Systems Science and Systems Engineering 24(1) 1-48. (available here)