Under Revision or Submission

Working Papers

Work In Progress

  • Social programs and the impact of the Great Recession on consumption

  • The impact of group-specific local labor market conditions on the effects of training programs: The case of Job Corps
    With German Blanco Lobo, Alfonso Flores-Lagunes, and Carlos Flores

  • Quantile treatment effects of multiple training programs
    With Carlos Flores

Publications in Spanish

  • Education and Economic Growth of Provinces in Argentina
    Revista de Análisis Económico − Economic Analysis Review, Volume 14, No. 2, 45-85, November 1999

  • Lecture Notes on Income Distribution and Poverty
    Lecture Notes Series D-8, Graduate Program in Economics ILADES - Georgetown University, Chile, March 1999

  • Education and Poverty: A Study of Greater Córdoba
    Estudios, Year XIX, No. 79, IEERAL, Córdoba, October/December 1996

  • Poverty and Income Distribution: Dynamics and Special Features. Greater Buenos Aires, 1974-94
    With Silvia Montoya
    Estudios, Year XVIII, No. 74, IEERAL, Córdoba, July/Sept 1995

  • Evolution of Poverty and Income Distribution in Argentina
    With Silvia Montoya
    Novedades Económicas, Year 17, No. 172-173, IEERAL, Córdoba, April-May 1995

  • Accumulation of Human Capital: Determinant of Poverty?
    With Silvia Montoya
    Proceedings XXIX Meeting Argentine Association of Political Economy, October 1994

  • Who Benefits from the Education System? with Silvia Montoya
    Novedades Económicas, Year 16, No. 161, IEERAL, Córdoba, May 1994

  • Urban Poverty in Argentina: The Case of Greater Buenos Aires
    With Silvia Montoya
    Estudios, Year XVI, No. 65, IEERAL, Córdoba, April/June 1993

  • Extent of Poverty in the Retirement Age
    With Silvia Montoya
    Novedades Económicas, Year 14, No. 144, IEERAL, Córdoba, December 1992