Working Papers

Crises, Catharses, and Boiling Frogs: Path Dependence in Collective Action.
With Sofia Correa and Gaetan Nandong. 2021.

Repression and Repertoires.
With Stephen Morris. 2020 Draft.

Motivation in Collective Action.
With Ethan Bueno de Mesquita. 2020.

Social Norms and Social Change.
With Ethan Bueno de Mesquita. 2020.

Demagogues and the Fragility of Democracy
With Dan Bernhardt and Stefan Krasa. 2019.

Demagogues in America: From the Revolution to the Second World War
With Dan Bernhardt and Stefan Krasa. 2019.

Judicial Independence and Human Rights in Autocracies
With Raphael Boleslavsky and Tom Ginsburg. 2019.

Inspiring Regime Change
With Stephen Morris. 2018 Draft.

Khomeini's Theory of Islamic State and the Making of the Iranian Revolution
2017 Draft. An earlier draft of this paper was called Ideology and the Iranian Revolution.

Coordination Games with Information Aggregation
With Dan Bernhardt. Aug 2012 Draft. This paper has been divided into two papers. One was published in MSS, and the other is:

"Carrots, Sticks, and Cronyism," with
Dan Bernhardt, which will come soon.


Transparency and Stability
With Dan Bernahrdt. 2021. Accepted. Quarterly Journal of Political Science

When Do Co-located Firms Selling Identical Products Thrive?
With Dan Bernhardt and Evangelos Constantinou. 2021. Accepted. Journal of Industrial Economics

Coordination and Innovation in Judiciaries: Correct Law vs. Consistent Law
With Charles Cameron and Sepehr Shahshahani. 2020. Accepted. Quarterly Journal of Political Science

The Difficulty of Easy Projects. Online Appendix.
With Wioletta Dzuida and Arda Gitmez. 2020. Accepted. American Economic Review: Insights

Media Freedom in the Shadow of a Coup
With Raphael Boleslavsky and Konstantin Sonin. 2018. Accepted. Journal of European Economic Association

Tullock Paradox, Pivotal Revolutionaries and the Strength of Weak States
2019 Draft. Accepted. Quarterly Journal of Political Science

International Pressure, State Repression and the Spread of Protest
With Raphael Boleslavsky. Accepted. Journal of Politics

Investment in the Shadow of Conflict: Globalization, Capital Control, and State Repression
2019. American Political Science Review 113 (4): 997-1011.

Vanguards in Revolution
With Dan Bernhardt. 2019. Games and Economic Behavior 115: 146-66.

Multiplicity and Uniqueness in Generalized Regime Change Games
2018. Journal of Politics 81(1): 303-8.

When Can Citizen Communication Hinder Successful Revolution?
With Dan Bernhardt. 2017. Quarterly Journal of Political Science 12: 301-23.

Monotone and Bounded Interval Equilibria in a Coordination Game with Information Aggregation
With Dan Bernhardt. 2017. Mathematical Social Sciences 89: 61-9.

Youth, Revolution, and Repression
With Peter Haschke. Jan 2015 Draft. First Draft in 2009. Economic Inquiry 54 (2): 778-93.

State Censorship
With Dan Bernhardt. 2015. AEJ: Microeconomics 7 (2): 280-307.
July 2013 Draft. First Draft in 2010.

Simple Decision Rules in Small Group: Collegial Rule v. Rotational Rule
2015. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 113 (May): 51-63.

Extremism in Revolutionary Movements
2015. Games and Economic Behavior 94: 97-121.

Mobilization, Repression, and Revolution: Grievances and Opportunities in Contentious Politics
2014. Journal of Politics 76 (3): 621-35.

Collective Action with Uncertain Payoffs: Coordination, Public Signals and Punishment Dilemmas
With Dan Bernhardt. 2011. American Political Science Review 105 (4): 829-51.