Working Papers

  1. Clustering Fosters Investment: Local Agglomeration and Household Portfolio Choice, with Jawad M. Addoum, Stefanos Delikouras and Da Ke; revise and resubmit at JOURNAL OF FINANCIAL AND QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS
  2. Geography of Firms and Propagation of Local Economic Shocks, with Gennaro Bernile, Stefanos Delikouras, and Alok Kumar; revise and resubmit at JOURNAL OF BANKING AND FINANCE
  3. The Obama Effect: Heightened Risk Tolerance, Optimism, and Wealth Accumulation by Minorities after 2008, with Yosef Bonaparte and Sarah Khalaf; revise and resubmit at JOURNAL OF BANKING AND FINANCE
  4. Blockchain Characteristics and the Cross-Section of Cryptocurrency Returns, with Siddharth Bhambhwani and Stefanos Delikouras
  5. Grit, Loss Aversion, and Investor Behavior, with William Bazley and Sima Jannati
  6. Can the Past Hinder Investor Learning?, with William Bazley and Gregory R. Samanez-Larkin
  7. Discrimination and Economic Expectations, with Yosef Bonaparte, William Bazley and Alok Kumar
  8. Income Risk and Stock Market Entry/Exit Decisions, with Yosef Bonaparte and Alok Kumar
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